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It's safe to say I have always been a DIY gal – finding ways to make what seemed unattainable into a reality. My soul is forever searching for those moments that make my heart flutter. Discovering my natural skincare routine has been one of the heart fluttering journeys. Oh my, am I passionate about this one or what? I love it all - from eating more avocados for that healthy glow, to plain ol’ mashing it up and putting it right on my face. In fact, I have a secret to share – I’ve done both at the same time! There is so much I want to share with you, however here are my top 6 simple tips on how you can incorporate natural skin care into your daily and/or weekly routine. I promise you, it’s not as difficult to achieve as you may think. C’mon, lets get our glow on!


1) Focus on nourishment.

Your skin is an organ. Your largest organ, in fact. Not unlike any other organ in your body, it craves nourishment. Here are a few of my favourite beauty foods.

Eat your veggies! Hey. Maybe mom was onto something after all. Vegetables are packed full of beauty nutrients and should be part of your daily meals. My favourite veggies for skin health are: spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, cucumber, beets, parsley, & celery.

Healthy fats. Fat is an essential macronutrient, yet most people grimace when they hear the word. Fats are not to be feared, and are in fact one of your most powerful beauty tools. Some options are avocados, nuts, seeds, nut or seed butters,  & natural plant oils (think coconut oil here!).

Nature’s candy. I’m talking about fruit silly! Mother Nature is just so giving isn’t she? Take advantage of your local fruits, and eat what is in season. Nothing is more nourishing than putting something in your body that we have been programmed to digest. Pro tip: Eating fruit on an empty stomach will make sure you absorb those nutrients even better.

Avoid overly processed foods, packaged foods, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners and dairy. These foods are “attention seekers” in your GI tract. Although they might be popular on the outside, once inside your gut, they steal the show.  

2) Soak up the moisture.

About 70% of our bodies are made of water. Well, that’s a whole lot isn’t it? It just makes sense that this water needs to be replenished as we go about our day. I’m not just talking about hydration (which is a key “glow-getter”!), but I am also talking about moisturizer. My favourite moisturizer is Pacifica’s Dreamy Youth Day and Night Cream. Psst: its also cruelty free! Bonus! For you beauties who just need a bit more moisture, check out Ferlow Botanical’s Rosa Cream. Apply moisturizer daily, especially before you leave the house. The best time to apply is soon after you have washed your face or showered. The leftover water on your face gets trapped by your moisturizer, and has nowhere to go but into your skin ;)

3) Heal and seal.

At-home spa days are my favourite days. I get a little “me” time, and I end up with a happy heart and skin. Cleansing your skin is a daily practice that can leave you with that feeling everyday. Cleansing is a way to remove dead skin cells as well as bacteria and toxins that we have been exposed to. My go-to cleanser right now is (surprise surprise!) Pacifica’s Kale Detox Deep Cleaning Face Wash. Thanks to a suggestion from a dear friend, I also recently started a new practice – honey cleansing – and boy does my skin thank me for it. Here’s how to do it:

What you will need: A clean face towel and organic raw honey. I use this one.

Start by dampening your face. Scoop out some honey onto your fingers (a dollop goes a long way!). Warm up the honey between your fingers for a couple seconds, and then gently massage the honey onto your face in circular motions. Don’t forget those pesky under eye circles! On days you have more time, leave the honey on for about 5-10 minutes for an added burst of healing power. Remove by wetting the face cloth under warm-hot water and wring out. Place on face and soak up honey, then gently wipe away leftover honey. 

4) Routine is key.

We are creatures of habit through and through. Routine and rituals are a few of our primal instincts. That’s not to say you shouldn’t change up your routine once in awhile, but consistency is indispensable. We eat to fill our bellies; we brush our teeth to take care of those pearly whites, yet when bedtime rolls on by, we can be quick to neglect our skin. I wouldn’t be the first to say I have never gone to bed without washing my face, however over the years I have learned to make this one of my priorities. If I could suggest two of my most important rituals they would be: One - Never leave the house without moisturizer on. Two – Always wash your face &/or remove your makeup before you sleep. I promise you, it will be time well spent.

5) Scrub – a – dub.

If you have ever had a facial, you know that feeling. That fresh-faced, “I can take on the world with this glow” - type of feeling. Yep. You know the one. Well guess what? You can still have that feeling without emptying the wallet. Exfoliating is your biggest ally. What is exfoliation you ask? Don’t fret my dear, one of my favourite blogs, "Hello glow" has you covered. Exfoliating and its benefits are explained here so eloquently, I would be robbing you of a treasure if I didn’t share. Pro tip: Over-exfoliating is actually harmful to your skin, so space out your exfoliation sessions. Every 2 weeks is ideal.

For a simple exfoliating recipe:

·      1 tbsp coconut oil

·      1 tsp brown sugar or coconut sugar

Mix ingredients together in a small bowl. Adjust sizes to amount of exfoliant you want to create. Gently apply to a clean face in circular motions. Don’t forget your lips and the corners around your nose. If comfortable (and that luscious coconut oil isn’t dripping off your beautiful face), leave it on for another 2-5 minutes to get an extra kick of hydration.

6) Last, but not least: Love the skin you’re in.

You are beautiful. There, I said it. I know this is a toughie, but believing this and embracing all that you have to offer is the most powerful tip I have to offer. We all have flaws, but what makes you glow is how well you rock those flaws. Now go on, share that radiance with the world you-beauty-you.

We are all exceptionally unique, and although these tips are meant to give you some tangible approaches to care for your skin, there are many other important factors to consider. Hormonal imbalances, food allergies and intolerances, stress, gut inflammation as well as environmental & internal toxins can all be players in the skin game. The best way to truly find your glow is to work with a Naturopathic Physician who can get to the root of your skin concerns.

This article first appeared on LinkedIn Pulse. See original article post here.