What are the most powerful words in the universe? The ones you use to talk to yourself - Karen Salmansohn

There is constant chatter going on in my mind. It doesn't stop. It's the voice I hear the most. It's not even my physical voice, yet it feels more powerful than any of my spoken words. Funny isn't it? I seem to be more confident that my internal voice will be heard than my actual voice. The thing is, the only person to hear my internal voice is me.

We all have that voice in our head. It's the one making decisions, holding knowledge and executing actions. However, it is also the one passing judgment, reprimanding us and comparing us to others. It has the power to make us feel unworthy. To feel small. To feel unloved. To feel stupid. To feel all those words we would never say aloud. And we let it. It can be a form of protection, but more often than not it is simply destructive. Destructive to our being. And destructive to our potential. It drives fear rather than faith. 

Let us not forget that it has the power to do the opposite. It has the power to be uplifting. To believe. To make us feel important and valued. It has the ability to make us do incredible things. To push us to follow our dreams. To discover ourselves. To carry us through darkness. to transform us. To connect us.

It's a choice. Which voice you hear. A difficult one, yes. But a choice. Don't underestimate the power of those words. You hear your own internal voice more than any other voice you hear. What station do you want to be tuned into? You know very well the impact of negative words. You live it every day. So realize that the opposite carries just as much (if not more) power. You can choose your words. Choose wisely. 

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