Vancouver Beach

Sometimes I wonder how each of us has gotten to where we are. Is the path we are currently on the one we created or the one we were destined for? Or is it a mix of both? At what point do our choices dictate our future and where does destiny, fate or the universe take over? I guess it’s not something we will ever know, but I like to think that even with other forces at play, we are each our own storytellers. Our own creators. Our own trailblazers.

No one has come before you in your own life. You are the first person to live the life you live. The first person to have the story that you have. The first person to experience your experiences. So we are all by default… trailblazers. You can create the life you want. And even though a circumstance can mirror another person’s experience, it will never be exactly the same.

For some reason, knowing that we have this kind of power isn’t always enough to put it into action. How many times have you had a brilliant idea, only to find yourself doubting it (and yourself) five minutes later? How many times have viscerally felt what you’re destined for, but then later chalk it up to “wishful thinking”? We live our lives in between these moments. Chugging along until something pushes us to feel more, and then when something does come up, we quietly turn our backs and return to chugging along.

Fear can do that to you. Make you turn away from the things that make your heart beat a little faster. And keep you stuck focusing on things that make you forget about your heart. Fear tells us that we can’t get through what’s in front of us, and that it’s safer to stay where we are. Fear also convinces us that we aren’t worth the dreams we have dared to have because who are we to have such dreams? And if we go through with those dreams we will most certainly fail. Fear tells us that it’s better to stay safe by not trying at all. Such a powerful thing this “fear” is, isn’t it? Fear. That thing we have never seen. That thing that does it’s job so well that it completely stops us from living the life we were meant to.

Fear can switch your path in an instant. There have been many moments in my life that I chose to see past the fear. The day I packed up my life and moved across the country for university was one of those days. I felt the nervous palms and the quickening of the breath and the thudding of my heart and still did it anyway. The day I chose to pick a new career path was another one of those days. Palms, breathing, heart. Here we go again. But I did it anyway. The day I chose to move into my own place. Cue the palms, breathing and the heart. I knew my fears. And yet, I did those things anyway. Something in me knew better. Something in me knew that there was more for me on the other side. Fear could have stopped me from doing all those things. It could have kept me safe at home. But it would also have kept me from me.

So how come some people are unable to ignore these moments of inspiration, and others aren’t? I read in a book that ideas are alive. That ideas have a spirit and they come to you, specifically you, so that they can be manifested. Ideas aren’t necessarily yours, but instead they have chosen you. Because that idea is best able to be carried out by you. Any time we ignore an idea, it gets a bit weaker until eventually it moves on to the next person, hoping to be manifested in that person’s unique way.

None of us really know what we are doing. We are all trailblazers. Blazing our own trail. Making decisions we hope are the right ones, but never being sure. Be a trailblazer in your life. Look at what could be waiting for you beyond the fear. Something within you is already familiar with what is waiting for you. So follow those gut feelings, follow your joy, follow those ideas that fill you up. Acknowledge the fear, thank it for trying to protect you and kindly ask it to step aside so you can keep on blazing that trail.