Self-love is a journey

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“Growing. Always, always growing. With every step forward. With every step backwards. It’s all growth.”

I have to remind myself of this daily. Whenever something goes my way and whenever something doesn’t. Even when it seems like the whole universe is working against me. Even when I feel like it’s just not worth taking another step towards my goals. Even when it hurts. I remind myself that it is all growth.

I am definitely not the person I was 5 years ago. I’m not even the same person I was a year ago. Or a few months ago. There is continuous evolution. Continuous movement. Continuous discomfort. I’ve noticed that my relationship to certain ideas, values, beliefs have also changed over the years. Self-love is one of those things. This little blog was built on a foundation of self-love. To me, it’s all about the heart. What’s in my heart? What does it want? How can I make that happen? How can I encourage others to tune into their heart as well? More and more people are embracing self-love and self-care. It makes me happy that people are tuning in to the love they have within. It’s beautiful watching people respect and value themselves more. It’s beautiful seeing people let go of what doesn’t serve them and advocate for what they need and want.

However, as I grow I have started to become more aware of the true depth of self-love. It’s much more complex that I realized. Here’s what I’m learning: Self-love and self-worth are extremely closely related. When you value yourself and when you see the worth you have, then love follows. When you love you, your worthiness is put above all else. Loving yourself means jumping in with both feet knowing that you will land where you need to. Loving yourself is trusting that who you are in this moment is enough. Loving yourself is growth.

Self-love is also accepting your growth and your journey. Accepting that your journey will never look like anyone else’s. Your journey could simply mean standing up and saying what you truly mean. Your journey could mean learning to ask for help. Your journey could be to let go of perfection. Your journey could be to soften your edges. To slow down. Or your journey could be to sharpen those edges and make your boundaries stronger. Your journey is not actually physical. It’s all within. It’s an accumulation of the people you meet, the things you do, the choices you make (good and bad), the leaps you take, the falls, the bumps, the miscalculations. All of it. Growth can look any way you want it to. It can go in every direction before settling in one direction. And then it can change again. It’s what you do with all the lessons you learn on the way that pushes your growth. Self-love is a journey. There is no destination.

You’re going to compare yourself to other people on your journey. It’s inevitable. You see someone’s journey or success and you think yours isn’t as good. Or that you will never get there. Or you will think that you just need to do it the way they did and you will be ok. These feelings are unavoidable. But I want to remind you that your own growth is so beautiful and so worthy because YOU are beautiful and worthy. Love has to prevail through all those feelings. Here’s what you say when those feelings arise: “I appreciate what I see in this person AND I still love me.” Repeat that. Repeat it again and again. You are special simply because you exist. And you exist because you have something to offer.

Everything you have been through up to this moment has created the person you are today. You don’t have to have had major revelations in your life. You don’t have to have travelled the world by yourself to find out who you are. You don’t have to have tried every possible avenue before finding your way. You just have to work on yourself. In any way that fills your heart. All that really matters is you. You are your home.

So at the end of this article, take one simple moment to remind your lovely heart why it matters. Tell it you are listening. Tell it that you cherish it and that you will honour it. Your heart just wants to shine. And it wants to take you along for that journey.

Sending lots of love today and everyday. Keep on shining ♡

Every journey is beautiful

Every journey is beautiful