Remember your heart

Remember your heart

Last weekend turned into an unexpected weekend of self-reflection. I went up to Scandinave spa in Whistler for a little birthday celebration for a friend. There we were, sitting there in the middle of the mountain, surrounded by water, indulging in hydrotherapy, and my heart was so full. We dipped into hot and cold baths. Rested in the solarium and out in the sun. Curled up in a chair near the fire with a book. All of it was divine.

Amidst all this, my friend whispered to me: “I wonder if there’s a way we could feel like this all the time.”

That comment has stuck with me. I wonder too…

Since that day, I’ve been looking around me a bit more. Looking at what else could spark that feeling without having to trek all the way to the mountain and jump into the various baths, steams and saunas. Although it’s exciting and relaxing to be there, wouldn’t it be amazing to recreate and capture that feeling at home? That’s the thing. It’s not just about the baths and the mountain. It’s about the feeling it evokes in you. A sense of peace, a sense of joy, a sense of relaxation. Something we desperately search for in our daily life.

So how can we keep those feelings with us? How can we shift into that mindset when we don’t have the time or money to hop over to the spa?

The day after our little trip, I was feeling a bit cranky. I had the whole day off and all I could think about was how annoyed I was at everything. Everything. I was annoyed that I went from feeling great one day to feeling horrible the next. And I was annoyed about being annoyed. So I took myself to the park. I grabbed my book and a snack and walked to the park to find the perfect spot to read. And I found it. I walked in circles (probably looked a little crazy) until I felt drawn to the right spot. I got comfortable and I read. I read about how the universe has your back and how to ask for signs from the universe. About 3 pages in I started to get that feeling again. I could hear the birds chirping. I could feel the sun on my back. My breathing changed. I was relaxed. I was at ease. I was happy just being where I was.

My book was describing how to ask the universe for a sign. It said that if you ask for a sign, you would be amazed at what it shows you. I mentally made my own request to the universe to get a sign that I was on the right path. I didn’t ask for anything specific, but I knew I would recognize this sign once I saw it. About an hour or so later, I packed up my things and got up to start my walk back home. For some reason, I turned back to look at the table I was sitting at, and right underneath the table carved into the cement was a heart. So simple. Easily overlooked. Something I may not have seen had I not been reading that book. But I knew that was my sign: remember your heart.

So that’s the thing - remember your heart. Those feelings you crave? They’re already there within your heart. Covered up by thoughts, beliefs, anxieties, worries, the world. Things that seemingly won’t ever go away. But it doesn’t matter, because your heart is always there.

Decide how you want to feel. Define it. Get to know it. Understand who you are in the moments that you feel that way. And then choose those feelings. When problems arise or situations come up where you can default back into fear or whatever story you carry - choose to love. Choose peace. Choose joy. Choose gratitude. Slow yourself down, and decide what you want to give your energy to. Self-care is not just about going on spa trips or vacations. It includes learning about your heart and how to care for it. Learning what you need to feel the way you want to feel. Getting familiar with the feeling of being in alignment with your hearts desires. Using the tools you need to get you there. Sort of like rigging life in your favour.

Take the time to spoil yourself. Keep doing it. Do it so that you really get to know what it feels like to make yourself feel special. Do it so that you recognize that feeling instantly whenever it comes up. Do it so you can shift yourself into that space. Do it so that you are motivated to live a more vibrant, joyful and healthy life. Do it so that you create space for signs to come through to you. Go for walks, hikes, spa days, facials, massages, vacations and get familiar with those good feelings. But don’t forget that you created those feelings within you. The external environment or situation is just a catalyst. Whatever you need and are yearning for is already in your heart. A small shift in perspective can change your entire reality. And the only place you really need to go for that, is inward.

Much love to you as always.


Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour
— Rumi