Loved by you

self love

Sometimes I wonder who each of us would be if we were inside out. If we couldn't hide behind layers of clothing or makeup or false personalities. If our souls and hearts were what we led with. If beauty was felt before it was seen. If we all just were our truth. 

I imagine the world would be very different. That you would be different. That I would be different. 

Would judgment cease to exist? Or would we still find a way to throw our insecurities onto someone else? Would our interactions be more meaningful or would it just be too risky to interact at all? 

I wonder...

Would you love... you

Sometimes I think we are afraid of our truth because we might not like it. We might want to run from it. We might hate it.

But aren't we already doing that? By being someone else? By saying one thing and feeling another? By not choosing ourselves? We are running. Away from ourselves, and towards nothing.

The person you really are is the one who is fighting so hard on the inside to be heard. The person you are is the one who cares so much but doesn't show it out of fear. The person you are is full of love but keeps it hidden so as not to be judged for being vulnerable. Or weak. The person you are is craving for connection and belonging. The person you are wants you to stop trying to contort yourself into something more "acceptable" or "desirable". 

So ask yourself today: If all you could see of yourself was your heart or your soul... would you still love you? If all you could feel was what was truly in your heart... would you still love you? 

What if you just threw away all the expectations? The ones that make you feel like you are never enough. And instead, you made one intention. To be you. And you promise yourself that you will go into every situation with this one intention in mind. Even when all you want to do is run in the other direction. Maybe... over time you will be able to lead with your courageous and beautiful heart. And perhaps you will be able to see the heart of those around you. Because there is a whole community of love waiting to support you.

And maybe... you will remember how lucky you are. Because you get to be you. And you get to be loved by you.

And there's no other love like that.