A heartful tail

A Dog's Purpose Book.jpg

I have read many books. Stories that have left me swooning for weeks. Books filled with words that have made me weak in the knees. Ones that have made me laugh. Explore. Grieve. Fall in love. And so much more.  

Then this book came along. The book that to others may seem like nothing, but to me...it was everything. It was all my loves wrapped up into one beautiful package. The book that not only satisfied my craving for a consuming story but also brought me to a new world that I have never had the honour of experiencing. 

A Dog's Purpose was that book. When I first heard about the movie, I knew it would be a tear-jerker. Then I discovered that it was a book. I wondered: could this book really be that good? Wouldn't it just be easier to watch the movie? If any of you ever face this question in your life... the answer is absolutely not. Books are always worth it. And boy, was this one well worth it. I will definitely not be watching the movie after reading this book. The characters I conjured up in my head are mine. They aren't dictated by another. They are beautiful and flawed and perfect to me. 

Now, it might seem odd that I am writing a whole post on a book about dogs. But in case you didn't know, dogs are my other half. My spirit animal, if you may. So I just can't help but get excited.

This is a story of a dog's bond with his human. Of love that transcends this world. Of the connection that animals have with people and how it is one of the ultimate forms of love. This book allows you to see our world from a dog's perspective. How our love for them is reciprocated 10-fold back to us. The love I have felt towards animals for my entire life was put into words in this book. 

It teaches about belonging. About loss. About love. About humour. About connection. Desperation. Delight. Survival. Family. Relationships. So many lessons. All through the eyes of a dog. It fascinates me. And it gave me hope. Hope that one day I will be fortunate enough to once again experience the love that I have lost. Or even just the belief that this love still exists around me everyday.

To all you dog lovers out there, or to whomever is intrigued by the bond we have with animals: You must read this. Surrender to their world as they so happily do to ours. It is a journey that will make you look at dogs differently. One that will make you wonder what truly goes on in their minds and what they sense from us. One that will leave you forgetting that you are human, in the most brilliant and beautiful way possible.