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No one has come before you in your own life. You are the first person to live the life you live. The first person to have the story you have. The first person to experience your experiences. So we are all by default… trailblazers. You can create the life you want. And even though a circumstance can mirror another person’s experience, it will never be exactly the same.

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It's ok to be both

If you feel pulled to be a certain person, play a specific role or define who you are, remember this simple thing: You can be both. You can be all. The dichotomy of two opposites can exist within you and be simultaneously expressed. Your desires and fears can coexist and equally make you who you are. You can be both. You can love something fiercely and not fully understand it. You can be book smart and not street smart. You can be into science and have a creative edge. You can have a wild heart and still be afraid to take the first step.

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