A quest for tranquility

There are days when all I feel is peace. Days like today. When I shed off the load that weighs me down and immerse myself in serenity. When everything I look at has a sense of tranquility to it. As if each object around me has been sitting here all this time waiting for me to slow down. I can hear them wondering to themselves: when will this chaotic mess of a person just be still? 

Today, I woke with a sense of purpose. Purpose for what? I am not quite sure. But something was there. Something that made me feel like...me. Like I slowed down while the world outside kept whirling about. Like I woke up to the beauty around me. 

It's as if I am meeting myself today. I have felt this sensation before.  I have met this graceful being before. The one that occasionally steps out of the shadows to reveal herself only when all guards are let down. I don't know what I did today to deserve to see her, but I want to soak in her presence. Her grace is inspiring. And she is inspired by all that is around her. The simple connection to her surroundings and her groundedness in her being is all she needs. She is me. I am her. 

Dear me: I know you don't always have the strength to shine. I feel you calling to me when all I do in return is extinguish your light. I don't deserve you. I do deserve you. You are mine. You are me. 

I hear you. I promise I'll fight harder if you do. 

xo, me.