A love letter

self love and valentine's day

Oh Valentine's Day. 

One day. Full of love and full of heartache.

It seems that this has become a day when the status of a relationship takes precedence over self-worth. A day when judgement runs rampant. A day when our sense of self is tied, not to ourselves, but rather to our significant other or lack thereof. Whether we like to admit it or not, this day is an evaluation of how "lonely" we are or how madly in love we are. Pretty strange polarity don't you think? If you ask me, I believe that this day has lost the true love it so proudly boasts.

This Valentine's day, regardless of what status you wish to hold, I want to remind you of a special kind of love. A kind of love that each and every single one of you already have. And that my friend, is love for yourself

I know what you are thinking. It's really not that easy. You're right. Attaining self-love is not simple. In fact, I would argue that it is one of the most difficult forms of love to attain and maintain. Why? Because instead of taking two, it takes one. It just takes you. And sometimes that responsibility feels like a burden. Sometimes it's just easier to fill our minds with negativity, or neglect our self-care or worse - completely disregard who we are. We can go years, even lifetimes without truly loving ourselves. 

A little burning love from  Saje . Rose quartz and all.

A little burning love from Saje. Rose quartz and all.


In my own journey, I have realized what it really means to have a relationship with myself. It means not avoiding your feelings. It means being able to look at yourself in the mirror and be filled with love for the person looking back at you. It means being blessed to know that you are your biggest ally. It means trusting that your heart and mind are powerful enough to continually guide you. It means giving yourself space. Listening to your intuition. Sitting with your thoughts and emotions. Surrendering.  Letting love in. It means working towards acceptance of each and every fibre of your being.

So yea, it is difficult. It's not something that develops in an instant. It's not love at first sight. However it definitely is a lasting love once you find it. Treat this as you would any other relationship. With time, effort and dedication. Remember that we are always learning and adapting. You may have to remind yourself of this daily. And that is okay. 

So here is my love letter to you. Know this one thing: YOU are your best asset. Not how you look. Not how funny you are. Nor how successful you are. Just you. You in your entirety. Flaws n' everything. Got insecurities? I love those too. Why? Because you wouldn't be you without them. There is a part of you that is yearning to offer yourself the love that you so dearly crave. So let it happen. Write down what you love about yourself. Or go to the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful. It may sound a bit odd, but it really works! You don't have to believe it yet. But it doesn't hurt to try it out right?

Or perhaps indulge a little? :)

Or perhaps indulge a little? :)


Today is the day of love. So guess what? That means you have a full day. Right here, right now. A full day to make yourself a priority. Whatever this means to you right this moment - honour that and make it happen. Treat yourself. Draw up a bath just for yourself with candles and aromatherapy. Have a spa day. Or buy yourself flowers. Any of these are simple little things you can do for yourself, just as you would do for your significant other or what you would want another to do for you. Revel in what life has to offer YOU. Take even just one moment to reflect and just be you. 

So today, forget about status. Forget about measuring your life in relation to other people. Just go treat yourself. That love is within you, so let it shine. You deserve it.

Happy day of (self) love. 

I promise...you got this.

I promise...you got this.